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Yoga Classes Singapore
Yoga Classes
The Only Type of Classes you need for a Power-Packed Yoga Lifestyle.
Prenatal Yoga Singapore
Prenatal Yoga
Inside you is an innate wisdom that intuitively understands the very natural process of birth. Helping you reconnect with this knowledge, guiding you through a class specifically designed for the journey of pregnancy.
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Yoga Core Wheel
Yoga Core
Yoga Core classes focus on strengthening your lower abdomen, lower back, arms and legs.
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6am Club at Music Love Yoga
6AM Club
Rise Before The Sun! This class is exclusively designed for our Morning Yogis who want to rise early and greet the most important part of the day with a yoga practice.
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Vinyasa Yoga Singapore
Vinyasa Flow
"Vinyasa Flow" consists of creative movements designed to transition from one yoga posture to the next smoothly.
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childs pose yoga asana
Gentle Yoga
Gentle Yoga or commonly known Restorative Yoga; specifically focuses on building strength in the lower abdomen (core) and lower back.
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Private Yoga Class Singapore
Private Yoga
Private Yoga classes focus on the needs and goals of an individual.
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Yoga Nidra and Music Meditation
Yoga Nidra + Music Meditation
Experience one hour of undisturbed rest and rejuvenation, with the accompaniment soulful LIVE music.
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mum and infant yoga singapore
Mum and Infant Yoga
Gift yourself an opportunity to get back in shape or even to begin your post-natal yoga practice quickly.
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ashtanga yoga singapore
Ashtanga Led
Ashtanga led is a dynamic flow combining strength, flexibility, and stamina. You will move through sequences of postures linking breath and movement.
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Yoga Teacher Training Singapore
Yoga Teacher’s Training
Train to become a certified Yoga Instructor
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corporate yoga singapore
Corporate Yoga
Yoga classes right at your office doorstep! Heading to yoga studios and gyms after a long day of work can be physically and mentally exhausting.
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