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Everything You Need to Have & Know to Become A Certified & Confident Yoga Teacher!

Journey to become a

Yoga Instructor


Feel like It’s Time to make a change in Your Life, and help people transform theirs too?

At Music Love Yoga, we believe that being a good and inspiring yoga teacher goes beyond simply being proficient at yoga postures and flexibility; but exuding clarity in your knowledge and demonstrating confidence in your instructions.

After years of in-depth research, understanding and practising how to positively impact people through the ancient art of yoga; we have put together a programme to create teachers whom we can trust to teach our very own students.

We will equip you with the necessary content knowledge of yoga teaching, coupled with the know hows of traditional tutelage and progressive teaching for all yoga enthusiasts.

We have systematically designed the syllabuses to suit the needs of our contemporary climate and yoga community.

Are you ready to become a Yoga Instructor!

What It Means To Join A Yoga Teacher Training?

You Gain Credibility and Confidence To Give Yoga Instructions

Through our 200 hour yoga teacher training course experience, you will gave extensive insight into yoga practice and also be able to guide newbies into the world of yoga with passion.

Your Opportunity To Deepen Your Yoga Practice For Lifetime

You will understand the roots and purpose of yoga and while being equipped with the knowledge of self practice that will constantly evolve within you over time.

Your First Step Before Becoming A Yoga Coach

You will learn the Anatomy and Physiology of the Human body, and therefore understand how to help others effectively with both hands-on and verbal cues. 

Your Challenge To Completion and Personal Transformation

As a yoga teacher, you will learn the tools of becoming the best version of yourself through mindfulness practice and self transformative exercises.

What will you learn from Your Yoga Teacher’s Training with Us?

Your Yoga Teacher’s Training with us at Music Love Yoga, will comprise of 13 essential modules that are simplified into easy fomats such as online video training, info-graphic texts and mixture of private 1 on 1 coaching and small group classes.

Apart from becoming a certified yoga instructor, do expect yourself to become an open, vulnerable and a force of humanity through the practice of yoga.

Yoga Philosophy & Understanding Its Roots

You will learn the history of yoga & its philosophy, the 8-Limbs of Yoga and also what it means to prepare for the yogic practice and lifestyle.

Fundamentals of Ashtanga Yoga
  • You will gain In-depth understanding & practice of Asanas in Ashtanga Primary Series
  • Understanding the purpose, alignment, gazing and modifications of the Asanas
  • Learning 21 Foundational postures in Yoga + benefits and modifications
  • In-depth learning and training of yogic breathing techniques Precautions & Limitations
  • Learning & Practice of Kriyas (Cleansing Techniques)
  • Understanding the use of Mudras & Bandhas
Mindfulness and Meditation

Part I

  • Study of the Chakras + Om Meditation
  • Mantras & their meanings • Intro & Experience Yoga Nidra (Sound Meditation)

Part II

  • What is mindfulness & how to practice
  • Understanding your thoughts with the help of mindfulness
  • Understanding your emotions with the help of mindfulness
  • Cultivate Compassion for yourself and others
Art of Teaching & Adjustments
  • Immersion in MLY Teaching Methodology
  • How to connect with your students
  • Principles of effective verbal cues and hands on adjustments
  • Live Hands on Adjustment practice
  • What is Isometric muscle engagement and its important Ethics
The Essentials of Sport and Exercise Nutrition
  • Energy transformation & Metabolism
  • Macro & Micro Nutrients
  • Introduction to Nutritional Practice
Understand Human Anatomy and Physiology
  • Anatomy of Breathing/ Respiratory system
  • Human Skeletal system & muscular system
  • Anatomy & physiology of Yoga poses
Yoga Therapy, Injuries & Recovery
  • Guide to Sport/ Yoga Injuries
  • Recovery techniques
  • Understanding how yoga helps various illnesses, health conditions and injuries
Natural Medicine
  • How to use food as natural medicine
  • Introduction to natural/ alternative medicine
  • Safety & limitations
The Art of Class Planning & Sequencing
  • How to plan an effective class to suit any individual
  • How to sequence your instructions
  • Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced classes
Strength & Physical Conditioning
  • Strength vs physical conditioning
  • Exercise safety and effectiveness
  • Foundational mobility exercises
Self-Practice and The Evolution in Yoga
  • Learn how to teach yourself
  • Learn how to set goals for yourself and evolve in your own practice
Yoga Business and Marketing
  • Learn how to start of your own yoga business/community
  • How to brand yourself as a yoga/fitness instructor
  • Find your identity and purpose as a yoga instructor/business
Online Yoga Classes

90 Hours

Online Training (Textbook + Videos)

Yoga Journaling and Exercise

15 Hours

Journaling & Self-Practice

yoga teacher mentorship

20 Hours


self study and research

10 Hours

Self-Study and (Research Articles Provided)

practical and internship

15 Hours

Practical & Internship

online quizzes and exam

10 Hours

Quizzes / Theory Test

Yoga Classes Singapore

40 Hours

Attending Classes

yoga community

And Many More!!

An open and collaborative network and community of abundance and love.

Hi there! My Name is Renuka, Your Guide To Deepen Your Practice & Becoming a Certified Yoga Instructor with Music Love Yoga.


Becoming a Yoga teacher is the very first step I have taken towards my life-long goal of inspiring others and transforming lives.

It gives me the reason to wake up every single morning with passion and purpose. I do not see teaching or running a yoga studio as a job. It has become a part of my life, something that defines who I am!

I have many yogis come to me saying that they are certified yoga teachers, and that they feel like they haven’t been equipped with enough knowledge and confidence to teach.

This has inspired me to carefully and thoughtfully design this Yoga Teacher Training. Each and every one of us deserves to thoroughly understand our body, so that we can live our best and most fulfilling lives!

I promise to guide you through this journey towards becoming a transformational yoga teacher and provide you with what you need to come an inspiration to yourself and others.

Let’s work towards evolving together!

With Love,

Renuka Silvaraju

Co-Founder Music Love Yoga & Yoga Instructor

Method of Delivery

Online Yoga Classes

Online Training Videos + Textbooks

2 Years Access to All Online Training Videos + Updates

practical and internship

Classes In Studio

Attendance of Group Yoga Classes In Studio

yoga teacher mentorship


You will have 1 to 1 Mentorship Classes and also group training sessions.

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