Singapore enters Phase 2 of Circuit breaker. 

And like many other fitness and wellness groups; we are glad to announce that we welcome you to our studio once again from 22nd June 2020.

The past two over months have been a perfect opportunity for us to slow down, observe where we are at the moment in our lives, and reassess our purpose.

We have understood that we cannot change what’s beyond our control, but we can learn to change how we see and perceive life experiences. 

Just before we had to temporarily suspend our studio operations in early April, a student reassured me that every dark cloud has a silver lining

Beautiful ideas and plans have emerged during this time.

For Music Love Yoga, we have developed an Online Yoga Learning platform

This has allowed us to stay connected with you and also to reach students all over the world.

Studio Opening Precautions

Precautions have to be taken because the health and wellbeing of our team and community are of our highest priority.

We are identifying situations and practices which have higher risks and implementing appropriate precautions and safeguards.

Client Journey Upon Entry

We are aiming to be contactless as much as we can!

  • We would need you to fill up your Emergency Contact details on your StudioBookings.

  • Bookings and cancellations should be made at least 6 hours before the start of class.

  • Scanning of SafeEntry QR CODE UPON ENTRY & EXIT.

  • Pre-Class temperature taking procedures.

  • Sanitize Hands Before Entering Studio.

  • A short declaration/indemnity e-form will be sent to you an hour before every class you’ve booked in for. Kindly fill it up on the way to the studio!

Safe Distancing Measures and Self-Responsibility

We are reducing our Class Capacity to 3 students and at least 2 metres apart.

  • Stay home and rest if you are feeling unwell, especially if you have any flu or cough like symptoms. Let’s be considerate and help each other out!
  • Once the instructor sees your check-in and completed declaration form, your temperature will be taken. We are trying to keep everything contactless for your safety!
  • If your temperature is above 37.5-degree celsius, you will not be permitted to attend the classes. We will refund your credit! You just have to rest it out at home!
  • We do not allow for friends/family members to wait for you in the studio premises while you attend your class. We can recommend some cafes for them to chill at!
  • We catered a designated area within the studio for you to leave all your belongings (including handphones, keys/access card) before you start the class.
  • Kindly have your mask on until the start of class. We would advise you to then place it in a small pouch/ziplock bag and leave it by your side while you practice.
  • We advise you not to have any physical contact with your fellow yogis. Let’s channel out energy and love to one another from a distance!
  • Your instructor will not make any hands-on adjustment for you. We will ensure to our best levels that our instructions are clear and specific so that you get the benefits out of your practice.
  • The instructor will have their masks on during the class.
  • Towels will still be provided, but we recommend that you bring your own!
  • Before and after class, mats must be wiped out regardless of whether you place a towel or yoga-mat over. 
  • Let’s be as vigilant as we can! We want the next person using the mat to have the same positive experience as you did.
  • We are not allowing for storage of mat/personal belonging in the studio.
  • The studio doors will only open 20 mins before the start of class, and we advise you to leave within 20 mins after the end of your session. 
  • We love your presence, and let us Keep Music Love Yoga’s Community Safe Together!
  • Please drop us a message/ email if you feel unwell after up to 3 days after attending a class.