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2021 will be your year! 

The past months have taught us about the importance of community and adaptability. It was a difficult year, and we got through it together, emerging, stronger and healthier!

Our mission as Music Love Yoga for 2021 is to share our resources with you, help you connect with others and grow together!

It’s definitely more fulfilling to succeed together with your friends, rather than doing it alone!

3 Things We’ve Implemented For You

You can look forward to beautiful changes that we will be incorporating throughout the year. We want to help you evolve further in every aspect of your life.

1. Co-Working Space and Space Rental

yoga studio rental

We have put a lot of love and thought into the design of our Music Love Yoga studio. Keep the walls white, and the design simple. We want to give you minimal distractions when you enter the studio. Giving you the mental space to relax, focus and do what you need to do!

We are launching our co-working space! A calm, light and positive environment, for you to work with the right mindset. Our Music Love Yoga team conceptualises and makes business plans in the very space, with beautiful ideas evolving.

And we want to share this ideal working environment with you!

We are also offering you the opportunity to rent our community room (third floor). You can use it for conference calls, meetings or even for running your own events! (Discounted Rate $20/hr- for MLY members.)

Click here for more details!

2. Specialised Class on our Schedule

We heard you – thank you for your feedback about the classes you would like to see on the schedule!

We have just launched ‘The AM Club’. For all of you out there who want to get your practice done before the busyness kicks in for the day, this one’s for you! You deserve to be feeling energised and motivated at the start of the day!

We will also be incorporating more specialised classes that targets different muscle groups and injuries! We’ll all about helping you feel at your best, and live your best life!

3. Studio Safe Policy Update

We take the safety of our members and team very safely! 

Even though the regulations about group gatherings have eased a little, we are still maintaining a maximum of 6 yogis in a class. We want you to feel confident and at ease.

We will do everything necessary to help you keep your practice beneficial and sustainable.

For more updates on our safe studio policy, please visit this blog.



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