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1. When is a good time to start a Prenatal yoga class?

It is very safe to start prenatal Yoga from your second trimester (14th week) onwards. 

During your first trimester, your body will be going through many changes. Take this time to listen to your body and do what feels best for you!

If you’re experiencing morning sickness or nausea, try taking it easy and rest well.

On the days you’re feeling energised, take a walk outside with your loved one! 

You can practice mindfulness and meditation techniques to help you ease into the early stages of pregnancy.

Before starting with any form of physical exercise, always remember to consult your doctor first.

Prenatal Yoga is very safe for you to do until the day of your delivery unless otherwise stated by your doctor. Keep checking in with your doctor and remember to update your instructor constantly!

2. Poses to avoid during pregnancy?

Let’s just say, avoid the poses that very obviously look unsafe to you!

So…any poses which require lying on your belly, involve intense twists are a big NO.

It is highly recommended for you to put a hold on your backbends, as they may place a strain on the midline of your abdominal muscles, which may increase the risk of Diastasis recti.

Most of the yoga poses are very safe and beneficial for you.

So the most important question is, how to modify your practice?

The tip here is to work towards adaptations that will accommodate your growing belly and prevent the uterus’s compression.

In poses where your torso come in close contact with the thighs (e.g. standing forward fold, child’s pose), you can try keeping your legs wider apart to allow room for your belly. This gives you better grounding and stability.

In poses that involve gentle twists, focus on twisting more on your upper back and shoulders rather than from your lower torso.

Always remember to move with confidence and trust your body!


3. Can beginners do Prenatal Yoga? 

YES, it definitely is!

Remember to get the green light from your doctor, and you’re all set to start your prenatal yoga journey.

If you’re a beginner, we highly recommend you to attend a prenatal yoga class face-to-face with a qualified teacher.

It’s very important for you to be given modifications to suit your body specifically!

And you want to make sure you are doing your poses right to avoid any injuries or mishaps.

Yoga is very beneficial for every stage of your pregnancy, whether you are a complete beginner or a regular practitioner!

Feel free to drop us a message or schedule a 15-mins call with us so that we can help to clear your doubts!


4. Can regular practitioners continue their usual classes OR switch to Prenatal class?


Prenatal Yoga classes are specially designed and curated to help you strengthen and prepare your mind and body for the different stages of pregnancy and childbirth.

Great emphasis is placed on effectively strengthening your pelvic floor muscles, lower back, hips and lower body.

So prenatal yoga classes are definitely more beneficial than regular classes as they are designed for other purposes.

However, if you’d like to continue with your regular yoga classes, you can consult your yoga teacher beforehand to give you a suitable variation to target your needs.


5. How do I choose a suitable prenatal yoga class? 


The two most important points to consider…..

1) The instructor is qualified in Prenatal Yoga and 2) You need to like your prenatal yoga teacher!!

You want to ensure that you will be led through a safe yoga practice! Your prenatal yoga instructor needs to be knowledgeable and have to give you modifications and relevant advice when it comes to the practice.

You want to build a safe and sustainable practice that will allow you to challenge yourself and also help you take it easy, depending on what you need most!

To create this sustainable practice for yourself, you need to build a healthy and strong relationship with your instructor! It’s almost a similar concept to choosing your gynaecologist!

You have the power to choose and make the right decision – you deserve only the best throughout this beautiful journey. So take your time, and once you find the right teacher, you’ll naturally want to share this entire experience with them!

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