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There is no doubt that you and I want to be the best versions of ourselves and to reach our maximum potential.

As human beings, we have the desire to keep evolving. That’s the reason why you’re here reading this blog, or signing up for self-development courses, or listening to guided meditations!

So why is it that you might be experiencing some resistance or roadblocks along this journey towards success and self-betterment?

We have to understand that outcome doesn’t appear overnight. It takes understanding, acknowledgment, acceptance, and then change.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 factors that could be causing Roadblocks to your success:

No Clear Vision

Inspiration, motivation, and energy come with a clear vision. The clearer your goals, the more possibilities of you achieving it

Fear of Failure

If you are afraid to make mistakes, you’re never going to be able to fully experience life. You’ll never grow because you’re too afraid to get out of your comfort zone and try different things!

See every failure or mistake as a stepping stone towards your goal!


“I have to find the best way before I start“ or “It’s not the right time to begin.” Does this sound familiar to you?

You can have the best plan in the world, but if you don’t take action on it you simply have a dream.

Break down your goals into smaller bite-size pieces and take action.

Negative Thinking

Having an optimistic and positive attitude is the practice of focusing on the good in any given situation.

That doesn’t mean you ignore reality or don’t see the importance of the limitations and problems that you face.

When you notice a negative thought, acknowledge it and shift your focus to the positive. Think rationally about the situation without any judgments or biasedness.

Keep your mind focused on what you want and constantly look for ways to attain it. Be very clear about your goals and trust the process.

You also want to look for the good in every problem or difficulty. When things go wrong, try saying “That’s good!” And then set about finding something positive about the situation.

This unique way of dealing with the world will set you apart from the average.


Change is almost constant. And it can be taken to your advantage!

It’s an opportunity to try new things, for even better results, in any aspect of your life.

You will have to make adjustments in your life to focus on reaching the success you want.

Instead of resisting change, embrace it and work with it!

Allow these roadblocks to push your closer towards your success. Take back control of your life!

During our Guided Meditation sessions, you will be led through simple processes that will help you identify which ones are holding you back from reaching your goals, and put you on the journey towards diligently working to eliminate them.

Join us every Wednesday and Friday 8.30pm. Book your slot and take a step forward towards being the best version of yourself!


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