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As we re-enter Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) from 22nd July 2021, let’s remember to stay strong as a community!

This is the time to put into practice all that you’ve learnt in our classes together.

Become non-reactionary and work towards an inward and contemplative journey.

Be the embodiment of what you truly believe in.

Your inner peace and well-being in a gift to the world.

Connect with your community.

During an uncertain time like this, it’s essential to stay positive and grounded. Easier said than done, isn’t it?

We are here to remind you, listen to you and support you!

Stay connected with us through Social Media, Whatsapp, In-Studio or Online Classes.

Reach out to us if you’d like us to be a part of your personal journey during this period, we believe in evolving together!

Build a sustainable practice.

These are the classes that we will be running in-studio (with mask on).

Ashtanga Led, Mobility Flow, Yin Yoga, AM Club & Prenatal Yoga.

We will be re-designing the structure and intensity of the classes, to ensure safety and sustainability.

Zoom and On-Demand classes will be available for you too!

Don’t want to lose the momentum? You don’t have to!

Plan your classes with us and smash your fitness goals.

Stay Strong, Stay Wise.

Work towards getting stronger, wiser and better equipped.

Don’t put your task, motivation and goals on hold, waiting for everything to get back to ‘normal’.

Let’s keep moving forward, support one another and emerge out stronger and better than the ‘normal’ that we know!

Get your yoga, strength and fitness practices in. Don’t fall back every time sometime unexpected happens.

Why? Because you deserve much better… you deserve to be your best!

Book your classes with us now!

With Love,



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