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About Us and Working With Us

We are a yoga studio with endless possibilities.

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At music love yoga we believe humanity is suffering from the demands and stress placed on them by life and work. Many are suffering from declining health, losing important relationships, chronic illnesses, depression and the feeling of being helpless because of a lack of a health and wellness plan.

Our Yoga and Wellness Classes are designed to help boost energy levels, physical abilities and improve immunity. When people take classes at Music Love Yoga they gain better mental clarity and sustainable self-motivation.

Imagine a world where we are surrounded by a community which radiates happiness and positivity which gives you the driving energy towards your life’s fulfillment.

If people pursue wellness in a community where they are supported and loved; they are more likely to succeed in life and work.

Our Mission

We bring people together to access the power and benefits of Yoga and Music; so they can be in control of the demands and stresses placed on humanity; and achieve the happiness and energy they deserve; thus making a positive impact for themselves and for their loved ones.

Here our founder’s favourite quote from his favourite book!

And the little prince added, "But eyes are blind. You have to look with the heart.”

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince

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Interested In A Career with

Music Love Yoga?

Do you believe you aspire to be or are someone with the following Charateristics?

  • Empathethic – Empathise with people you serve and collaborators to help each other become better and for themselves.
  • Accountable – You are accountable for your mistakes and are willing to learn to perform better and effectively.
  • Mastery / Self-Learning – Committed to improving yourself in your subject/industry/field to become a better producer and teacher of your role.

Can You?

  • Add Value to Every Interaction – Give valuable information,advice and directions for benefit of others and leave people better then before they’ve met you.
  • Maximise Every Tool Given – Use every feedback to improve on quality of service and work, increase usability & sustainability of our resources, find ways to increase creativity & productivity, save money for the business & protect the environment which serves our purpose.
  • Eliminate Distractions – keep the studio in order, present data / information and communication with the intent to provide clarity, always giving clients the best, create a calm and peaceful environment for clients and the team, put love and care into presentation and service, every effort counting towards eliminating all distractions that the clients and team may be facing from the world outside.

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