5 Common Questions about Prenatal Yoga

5 Common Questions about Prenatal Yoga


1. When is a good time to start a Prenatal yoga class?

It is very safe to start prenatal Yoga from your second trimester (14th week) onwards. 

During your first trimester, your body will be going through many changes. Take this time to listen to your body and do what feels best for you!

If you’re experiencing morning sickness or nausea, try taking it easy and rest well.

On the days you’re feeling energised, take a walk outside with your loved one! 

You can practice mindfulness and meditation techniques to help you ease into the early stages of pregnancy.

Before starting with any form of physical exercise, always remember to consult your doctor first.

Prenatal Yoga is very safe for you to do until the day of your delivery unless otherwise stated by your doctor. Keep checking in with your doctor and remember to update your instructor constantly!

2. Poses to avoid during pregnancy?

Let’s just say, avoid the poses that very obviously look unsafe to you!

So…any poses which require lying on your belly, involve intense twists are a big NO.

It is highly recommended for you to put a hold on your backbends, as they may place a strain on the midline of your abdominal muscles, which may increase the risk of Diastasis recti.

Most of the yoga poses are very safe and beneficial for you.

So the most important question is, how to modify your practice?

The tip here is to work towards adaptations that will accommodate your growing belly and prevent the uterus’s compression.

In poses where your torso come in close contact with the thighs (e.g. standing forward fold, child’s pose), you can try keeping your legs wider apart to allow room for your belly. This gives you better grounding and stability.

In poses that involve gentle twists, focus on twisting more on your upper back and shoulders rather than from your lower torso.

Always remember to move with confidence and trust your body!


3. Can beginners do Prenatal Yoga? 

YES, it definitely is!

Remember to get the green light from your doctor, and you’re all set to start your prenatal yoga journey.

If you’re a beginner, we highly recommend you to attend a prenatal yoga class face-to-face with a qualified teacher.

It’s very important for you to be given modifications to suit your body specifically!

And you want to make sure you are doing your poses right to avoid any injuries or mishaps.

Yoga is very beneficial for every stage of your pregnancy, whether you are a complete beginner or a regular practitioner!

Feel free to drop us a message or schedule a 15-mins call with us so that we can help to clear your doubts!


4. Can regular practitioners continue their usual classes OR switch to Prenatal class?


Prenatal Yoga classes are specially designed and curated to help you strengthen and prepare your mind and body for the different stages of pregnancy and childbirth.

Great emphasis is placed on effectively strengthening your pelvic floor muscles, lower back, hips and lower body.

So prenatal yoga classes are definitely more beneficial than regular classes as they are designed for other purposes.

However, if you’d like to continue with your regular yoga classes, you can consult your yoga teacher beforehand to give you a suitable variation to target your needs.


5. How do I choose a suitable prenatal yoga class? 


The two most important points to consider…..

1) The instructor is qualified in Prenatal Yoga and 2) You need to like your prenatal yoga teacher!!

You want to ensure that you will be led through a safe yoga practice! Your prenatal yoga instructor needs to be knowledgeable and have to give you modifications and relevant advice when it comes to the practice.

You want to build a safe and sustainable practice that will allow you to challenge yourself and also help you take it easy, depending on what you need most!

To create this sustainable practice for yourself, you need to build a healthy and strong relationship with your instructor! It’s almost a similar concept to choosing your gynaecologist!

You have the power to choose and make the right decision – you deserve only the best throughout this beautiful journey. So take your time, and once you find the right teacher, you’ll naturally want to share this entire experience with them!

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Moving Forward Together in 2021

Moving Forward Together in 2021

2021 will be your year! 

The past months have taught us about the importance of community and adaptability. It was a difficult year, and we got through it together, emerging, stronger and healthier!

Our mission as Music Love Yoga for 2021 is to share our resources with you, help you connect with others and grow together!

It’s definitely more fulfilling to succeed together with your friends, rather than doing it alone!

3 Things We’ve Implemented For You

You can look forward to beautiful changes that we will be incorporating throughout the year. We want to help you evolve further in every aspect of your life.

1. Co-Working Space and Space Rental

yoga studio rental

We have put a lot of love and thought into the design of our Music Love Yoga studio. Keep the walls white, and the design simple. We want to give you minimal distractions when you enter the studio. Giving you the mental space to relax, focus and do what you need to do!

We are launching our co-working space! A calm, light and positive environment, for you to work with the right mindset. Our Music Love Yoga team conceptualises and makes business plans in the very space, with beautiful ideas evolving.

And we want to share this ideal working environment with you!

We are also offering you the opportunity to rent our community room (third floor). You can use it for conference calls, meetings or even for running your own events! (Discounted Rate $20/hr- for MLY members.)

Click here for more details!

2. Specialised Class on our Schedule

We heard you – thank you for your feedback about the classes you would like to see on the schedule!

We have just launched ‘The AM Club’. For all of you out there who want to get your practice done before the busyness kicks in for the day, this one’s for you! You deserve to be feeling energised and motivated at the start of the day!

We will also be incorporating more specialised classes that targets different muscle groups and injuries! We’ll all about helping you feel at your best, and live your best life!

3. Studio Safe Policy Update

We take the safety of our members and team very safely! 

Even though the regulations about group gatherings have eased a little, we are still maintaining a maximum of 6 yogis in a class. We want you to feel confident and at ease.

We will do everything necessary to help you keep your practice beneficial and sustainable.

For more updates on our safe studio policy, please visit this blog.

Safe Studio Practice – Let’s Brave This New Mountain (*Updated 2021)

Safe Studio Practice – Let’s Brave This New Mountain (*Updated 2021)

Singapore enters Phase 3 of Circuit breaker.

Similar to many yoga studios in Singapore, fitness and wellness groups; we are glad to announce we are open for you to our studio from the beginning of phase two 22nd June 2020.

The past few months have been a perfect opportunity for us to slow down, observe where we were at the moment in our lives, and reassess our purpose. 

We have understood that we cannot change what’s beyond our control, but we can learn to change how we see and perceive life experiences.

Just before we had to temporarily suspend our studio operations in early April, a student reassured me that every dark cloud has a silver lining.

Beautiful ideas and plans have emerged during this time.

For Music Love Yoga, we have developed a Free Online Yoga Learning platform.

This has allowed us to stay connected with you and also to reach students all over the world.

Do Say Hello! In Our Mini Community Based Learning Portal!

Studio Opening Precautions


Precautions have to be taken because the health and wellbeing of our team and community are of our highest priority.

We are identifying situations and practices which have higher risks and implementing appropriate precautions and safeguards.

Client Journey Upon Entry

We are aiming to be contactless as much as we can!

  • We would need you to fill up your Emergency Contact details on your StudioBookings.
  • Bookings and cancellations should be made at least 6 hours before the start of class.
  • Scanning of SafeEntry QR CODE UPON ENTRY & EXIT.
  • Pre-Class temperature taking procedures.
  • Sanitize Hands Before Entering Studio.
  • Fill-In and Sign the Indemnity Form In Our App once you register and receive your logon details.

Safe Distancing Measures and Self-Responsibility

We are reducing our Class Capacity to 6-7 students and are at 2 metres apart.

  • Stay home and rest if you are feeling unwell, especially if you have any flu or cough like symptoms. Let’s be considerate and help each other out!
  • Once the instructor sees your check-in and completed declaration form, your temperature will be taken. We are trying to keep everything contactless for your safety!
  • If your temperature is above 37.5-degree celsius, you will not be permitted to attend the classes. We will refund your credit! You just have to rest it out at home!
  • We do not allow for friends/family members to wait for you in the studio premises while you attend your class. We can recommend some really cool cafes for them to chill at!
  • We catered a designated area within the studio for you to leave all your belongings (including handphones, keys/access card) before you start the class.
  • Kindly have your mask on until the start of class. We would advise you to then place it in a small pouch/ziplock bag and leave it by your side while you practice.
  • We advise you not to have any physical contact with your fellow yogis. Let’s channel out energy and love to one another from a distance!
  • Your instructor will not make any hands-on adjustment for you. We will ensure to our best levels that our instructions are clear and specific so that you get the benefits out of your practice.
  • The instructor will have their masks on during the class. 
  • Towels will still be provided, but we recommend that you bring your own!
  • Before and after class, mats must be wiped out regardless of whether you place a towel or yoga-mat over.
  • Let’s be as vigilant as we can! We want the next person using the mat to have the same positive experience as you did.
  • We are not allowing for storage of mat/personal belonging in the studio.
  • The studio doors will only open 20 mins before the start of class, and we advise you to leave within 20 mins after the end of your session.
  • We love your presence, and let us Keep Music Love Yoga’s Community Safe Together!
  • Please drop us a message/ email if you feel unwell after up to 3 days after attending a class.


Cleaning Procedures

  • Everyone must Clean your mats before and after class with our specially formulated anti-bacterial baby-safe yoga mat solution.
  • Disinfect any airborne and surface germs with a specialised baby safe vaporiser.
  • Eliminate bacteria and disinfect without the use of chemicals but by using a hot steam mop.
  • Place anti-bacterial air filters around the yoga studio, which also monitors the air quality we breathe.
  • Installed Automated anti-bacterial air sprays; spraying 24 hrs at Intervals of 45mins.
  • Invested in a specialised anti-bacterial and air purifier wall paint by a local singaporean company, Gush, for our yoga studio.
  • An electrolysed water vapour anti-bacterial system on all touch surfaces 3 times a day.

We are doing our best in keeping us safe! And always looking for opportunities to do better!

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