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Inside you is an innate wisdom that intuitively understands the very natural process of birth. Helping you reconnect with this knowledge, guiding you through a class specifically designed for the journey of pregnancy. Postures introduced in this course are designed around strengthening the uterus and pelvic floor muscles, improving blood circulation and digestion, exercising the spine and increasing overall comfort.



Gentle Yoga or commonly known Restorative Yoga; specifically focuses on building strength in the lower abdomen (core) and lower back. Stretches are done to release the tension of the shoulders, neck, back and hamstrings. Considerable emphasis on alignment while guiding through how to enter and exit various postures of yoga. The primary focus of the hour would be obtaining comfort and deep relaxation in each pose.



Rise Before The Sun! This class is an exclusive design for our Morning Yogis who want to rise early and greet the most important part of the day with yoga practice. Beginning the day with a mind, body and soul practice will definitely put us at an advantage in life! Our energising morning flow will nourish your body and set you ready for any challenges of the day. It will inspire you to take care of yourself first, before anything else! Variations of sun salutations, energy boosting stretches and twists will be introduced into the class to warm up your muscles and most importantly aid in our morning detox! We all deserve to start our day with the best version of ourselves!



"Vinyasa Flow" consists of creative movements designed to transition from one yoga posture to the next smoothly. Dynamic and vibrant flows which work on lines of the entire body. While introducing Vinyasas (movement linked with breath) into sequences for strength building, conscious breathing techniques are greatly emphasised on throughout the practice. This tradition of yoga technique helps to calm the mind and relax the body.



Ashtanga led is a dynamic flow combining strength, flexibility, and stamina. You will move through sequences of postures linking breath and movement. Significant emphasis will be placed on correct/most suitable alignment for your body, helping you gradually go more in-depth in poses while preventing injuries. Consistency in Ashtanga classes is a great way to move towards creating your self-practice and deepen your knowledge about your own body and mind.



Yoga Core classes focus on strengthening your lower abdomen, lower back, arms and legs. Our recommendation for students who want to practice in a challenging way (modifications included), both physically and mindfully. This class works on your flexibility and mobility while lengthening & powering the muscles.



Yoga time after pregnancy can sometimes seem impossible because of the multiple feeding periods, unpredictable sleep patterns or wide-awake moments that lead to constant exhaustion! Gift yourself an opportunity to get back in shape or even to begin your post-natal yoga practice quickly.



Our Private Yoga classes focus on the needs and goals of an individual. Given the one-to-one attention, an individual can see more effective results through their practice. Sequences will be carefully designed with research and experience to suit the particular practitioner.



Yoga classes right at your doorstep! Heading to yoga studios and gyms after a long day of work can be physically and mentally exhausting. We can provide weekly yoga sessions at your office, at your convenience! We firmly believe in and encourage a healthy work-life balance – so we are offering you a resolution by bridging yoga to your corporate office!