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Are you looking to rent an event space for your specialised wellness workshop, classes or even drama rehearsals? Or have ideas of developing a conscious reality for humanity with your knowledge and experience? Look no further, access a meditative space for your vision to come true.


Gift Your Audience an intimate and niche styled workshop for up to 8 people spaced liberally and also following the rules of covid-19 regulations.

Room Style

Boxed-styled Studio space capturing the charms of Singapore’s Peranakan Heritage.


Gift your audience an intimate and niche styled workshop for up to 8 people spaced liberally and follow Covid-19 regulations’ rules.

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Bulk-Hour Studio Booking Rates

starting From $25 per hour.

(studio members rate $20)

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We encourage you to book an appointment with us for Yoga studio rentals or drop us a call before you book this space with us. We want you to feel and acknowledge the space before committing; this is to make your experience fruitful from the start.

Yoga Studio Rental

Our Studio is kept clear from clutter and an excessive ground mess to help you utilise more space for your workshop, classes or rehearsal needs. If you would like to rent a space for workshops on an ad-hoc basis; you only have to pay $30/- per hour, but if you book more frequently with us we have a special rate of $25/- per hour. MLY Members are automatically entitled to our $20/- per hour booking rates.

workshop space rental singapore

Inspired by a documentary about a young boy’s condition of an attention deficit disorder; our founder empathised with the boy and saw him within himself, realising how much materialism occupy and distract our minds.

We ensure that our space is the best place to create engagement and thus eliminate unwanted distractions for one’s journey.

Studio Add-Ons:


Internet Access is on demand.


We have one comfortable Shower / Washroom for your guests.

Hot & Cold Water

Our premium water nano-filter dispenses super clean hydrogenated, alkaline water.

Yoga Equipment

We have yoga mats, blocks, pillows, towels and even mat cleaners for your guest; if you ever need one.

Live Streaming

Streaming your event live for modern-day demands. Check-In with us to let you know how we can support you.

Audio and Video Support

We have a range of audio and video equipment if you ever need some tech support to get your event recorded or amplified in some way.

Marketing & Ticketing

Sometimes marketing and selling tickets or class sessions can be difficult; if you have a realistic timeline, we can collaborate a deal that works for both you and Music Love Yoga.

Professional Photography & Videography

Offering opportunities to freelancers in Singapore or our in-house digital content experts provide you with memories that last a lifetime.

Are you a health or wellness specialist?

At Music Love Yoga, We host various specialist instructors like Meditation, Fitness and Music instructors who frequently tap on the energy of giving space to delight their audiences. If you are looking for the perfect event space in Singapore for your workshops and classes do drop us an enquiry; we are keen to help you!

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Rental Rates

Starting from $25-30/hour


89 East Coast Road #02-01 / #03-01 428790

Contact Info
+65 81099932 (Whatsapp Available)

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