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Ashtanga & Detox

Start practicing Ashtanga Yoga in ways they can benefit you physically and mentally.

12 Sessions

HIIT Yoga & Yoga Core

Challenge yourself and build some solid core muscle foundations through our specially formulated yoga based routines.

23 Sessions

Vinyasa Stretch

Classes to stretch our your key muscles to keep you mobile; great stretches in our routine to help you stretch and loosen if you are mainly desk bound from many hours or feel extreme tightness.

11 Sessions

Prenatal Yoga

Ease your discomforts with our special and safely curated prenatal classes.

1 Session

Ashtanga Led

Be led through a series of classes that teach you the nooks and crunches of Ashtanga Yoga.

10 Sessions

Yin Yoga

A series of beginner friendly classes to calm you and recover you from the hustle and bustle of human demands and stress.

12 Sessions

Beginner Friendly & Explorative

Beginner Friendly Yoga Classes that you can start trying right away; no experience required.

3 Courses

Music, Meditation, Mantras & Mindfulness

Specially produced sound vibes that help relax, meditate, create ambient textures and also practice mantras if you would like.

3 Sessions

Challenges (Coming Soon)

Stay tune while we prepare some fun online challenges for you <3

Premium Courses (Coming Soon)

Stay tuned while we launch our Online Academy.

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