Downward-Facing Dog Masterclass


Date: TBC

In this workshop, you’ll learn:

– Anatomy of the downward-facing dog

– Alignment, cues and adjustments

– How to nurture a healthy wrist

– Differentiate and optimise the use of the upper and lower body in the posture

– Discover YOUR strengths and limitations in the posture

– Curate your set of supporting yoga poses that will help you find ease and comfort in the Downward-Facing Dog

Downward-Facing Dog builds the foundation of your yoga practice, and it’s very rich in benefits.

It helps to open and strengthen the entire body – It’s very rich in benefits!

So we want to help you find the love and passion for it! We’ll be deconstructing this posture for you.

We’ll go in-depth about anatomy, alignment and supporting asanas that will get to make your downward-facing dog stronger!

We promise that you’ll leave the mat loving the Downward Facing Dog.

BONUS: You’ll receive a downloadable PDF that Renuka specially curates.