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Ashtanga Detox

The AM Club 

The AM Club incorporates Sun Salutations, energising stretches and twists.

This class gives you a head start on your daily routine, significantly boosting your energy levels, improving your emotional health and also giving you the opportunity to set your intention and goals.

An excellent, motivating reason to rise before the sun!

Ashtanga Detox

Private Classes

We can help you reach your goals at your own pace. Our private class is perfect for you to get personalized guidance and adjustments for your practice and increase your Yoga understanding. Everything is more fun when you have a friend to do it with! Private group classes are also available at our Studio.

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At Music Love Yoga, we’d like to say we exceed your requirement for choices between different types of classes. All classes are beneficial, well thought-off, safe and suitable for the demands of different body types.

And heres why we have been in business for some time now.

Our classes are perfect for you if you require or desire for any of the following experiences:

  • Beginner to Advance Level Progressive Classes (if you are doubtful whether yoga is for you & if you are not flexible or experiencing difficulties in your fitness levels; we can help you choose the right class for you to start with.)
  • Dress Comfortably (If you are worried about how you look during yoga practice; our recommendation is choosing comfortable clothes is important during practice. And We want you to focus on yourself and your journey.)
  • Easy Schedules (Choose Classes at your prefered timings throughout the week from our booking app and confirm your spot. We have Classes Throughout the Day & Evenings) 
  • Strong Guidance (Our Instructors will make sure you practice in a safe and confident way and we will make sure you are well taken care of to our best abilities during our classes to avoid injuries.) 
  • Family Safe Environment – We’ve taken a very unique approach to the wellness culture in Singapore. Many of our members after some time begin to invite their children, spouses, and loved ones along their yoga journey.


vinyasa yoga Singapore

Vinyasa Stretch

Suitable for beginnersVinyasa is an approach to yoga in which you move from one pose directly into the next, with the focus of breath. You will then be led through a series of postures that prepares you for the peak pose of the class. We will be breaking down challenging poses into very simple routines. This class helps with building strength, flexibility and we will target various muscle groups and joints.

Ashtanga yoga singapore

Ashtanga Led

Suitable for all practitioners, including beginnersThis is a guided class and we are working towards learning the Sun Salutation A & B and Ashtanga Standing Poses. Ashtanga is a vigorous, sweat-producing style of yoga that purifies your body from inside out. We will be focusing on alignment, muscle engagement and steps to creating a safe & evolving practice. The poses are arranged sequentially so that each pose builds on the previous with increasing levels of difficulty.

Vinyasa Yoga Singapore

Power Vinyasa

Suitable for beginners to advanced practitionersPower Vinyasa is a dynamic and energetic form of yoga which incorporates creative flows into your practice. Challenge yourself with arm balances and strength-based poses! We will be focusing on increasing flexibility, mental focus, calorie-burn and muscle development.

Mindfulness and Meditation Classes singapore

Mindfulness + Meditation

This is a guided class to help you tap into your ability to be fully present in the moment. Reduce stress and increase your levels of focus and happiness. You will be introduced to simple mindful practices that you can incorporate into your daily routine, including mantras and chakra meditation. 
Allow yourself to reach your highest potential.

Body Up Yoga


This class is specialised for postpartum Mums & ALL Women. The strength based routines will be based on common issues like Diastasis Recti, weakness in the core and lower back pain. We will be focusing on helping you build overall strength. We will be incorporating simple and easy-to-use equipment like sliders, blocks and light weights.

yin yoga singapore

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a non-strenuous, minimalistic and restorative way of practiceThis practice aims to nurture individuals through relaxation and stillness. You will be able to challenge your strength and flexibility, as we hold each stretch for more extended periods. Postures are approached in gradual steps, with ample time to focus on breathing.

Prenatal yoga singapore

Prenatal Yoga (Active)

Prenatal yoga is a safe approach to exercise and staying active during pregnancy. Our Active classes will allow you to challenge yourself with the right knowledge! Build your confidence in your yoga practice, as we guide you through routines that are beneficial for pregnancy and childbirth. Our instructor will guide you through stretch and strength-based exercises that will help to alleviate common symptoms faced during the different stages of your pregnancy. Understand your constantly evolving body and stay strong and confident throughout this journey!

prenatal yoga restorative singapore

Prenatal Yoga (Restorative)

A Restorative yoga practice will allow you to strike a balance in your busy lifestyle as an expectant mum. This more restful routine will incorporate stretches and strength poses through gentle approach – to help ease common discomforts experienced during pregnancy. It will also give you the time to listen to your body and connect with your inner thoughts, feelings and needs. During this practice, you will be avoiding any yoga poses where your head goes below your heart level (e.g. Downward-Facing Dog, Forward Fold). You will leave the mat feeling well-stretched and energised!

trx singapore beginner

TRX (Basic)

New to TRX? Our Instructor will guide you through a TRX workout by introducing basic foundational exercises through easy-to-follow progressions. The 60-minute sessions give you the power to increase endurance, improve your body flexibility, and even develop newly found core-strength! The TRX Basic is a total body workout that will leave you hooked. All fitness levels are welcome!

What type of Yogi are you?

Need our help to get your Yoga journey started? Music Love Yoga has set up a Yogi personality quiz. Simply answer the short questions, and we will analyse your needs, strength and recommend classes that suit you best.

Trx interval classes singapore

TRX (Interval)

Get your strength training and your cardio workout all in one fun, challenging sweaty hour! This 60-minute alternates between exercises that build strength and balance and medium intensity cardio intervals on the TRX. It’s a level up from the TRX (Basic) class, so be ready for a worth-while challenge!

hiit yoga singapore


Doable core strengtheners and cardio routines without having to hit the gym or go outdoors! HIIT Yoga is about having the control and support to engage in whatever activities you like to do (yoga, running, intensive sports, or just walking!). We focus on building strength on the inside, through the abdomen, arms, glutes and back!

advanced ashtanga yoga singapore

Ashtanga II (Mysore Style)

Suitable for Intermediate & Advanced practitioners. You are required to know your Sun Salutation A & B and Ashtanga Standing poses to attend this class. We follow a self-practice style (Mysore), where the instructor is present to help you with adjustments. You will also be assisted into the Ashtanga Seated Poses and Inversions.

Ashtanga Detox

Ashtanga Detox

Ashtanga is a vigorous, sweat-producing style of yoga that purifies your body from inside out. You will be led through selected Standing and seated poses with variations. Detox both your body and mind through this modified Ashtanga sequence. You will be working both your strength and stamina. Get a good cleanse to your digestive system and leave with a glow!

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