Make 2018 your best year yet! Writing out New Year’s resolutions will never go out of trend. Are you always most motivated and ambitious at the start if a new year? Yes, we all are! So why not make full use of this high, positive energy to our advantage! So this year, let us make Yoga our goal!

Here are the 8 Reasons why should Yoga be your New Year’s Resolution:

1. Yoga is for Everyone

Whether you’re a regular practitioner or a complete beginner, Yoga is for you! Unlike many other physical activities like high-impact sports, this practice embraces all! There are different types of classes designed to suit how you are feeling for that day.

If you want a challenge, go for the high-intensity practice; if you’re going to just chill out for the day classes with focuses on self-care is your winner! (Eg. Gentle Yoga Classes)

2. You don’t need any fancy equipment

All you need is you and your body – how convenient is that! Most studios provide right quality mats. But if you prefer your personalised-mat, or yoga towel (one that folds well and fits into your bag!), you can buy one of the many sports outlets available in Singapore including some pharmacies like Guardian or Watsons!

3. You can bring the practice with you wherever you go!

Your mind and body are the only tools you would need for your yoga practice. So it can be done anywhere – air, water or land! Indoors or outdoors, as long as you are comfortable, you can dedicate 30-60 minutes daily to yoga! Ensuring that sudden change in plans does not have to interfere with your New Year’s resolution!!

4. Makes you look and feel Awesome

Yoga makes your skin glow, keeps you looking more youthful and has you oozing with positivity! Healthy mind and body is the perfect solution to always being a charismatic, kind-hearted and successful individual.

5. Discovering the best version of yourself

Every Yoga class ends up making you feel even better than before! Heard about getting to yoga class feeling very stressed and upset, but after the hour leaving like you are ready to conquer the world? It is very true!

6. You deserve a stress-free year

Stress is such a frequent subject in our everyday lives, but we sometimes do not see the seriousness of it. If fear and anxiety have consumed most of your 2017, it is an ‘emergency’ indicator that you need lots of self-care and a more balanced life. Yoga can be a perfect solution for the majority of us.

Breathing and relaxation techniques are also incorporated into the practice making sure you leave the mat with a brighter and calmer mind.

7. Get toned, without having to hit the gym

To be honest, most of us feel out of place in a gym. And for gym goers, your free times could usually be the peak period, which means you meet a crowd at the gym.

While you can book a mat in advance, and you can make sure that you don’t miss a useful strengthening session!

How Yoga Strengthens? – Yoga relies on your body weight for strengthening. Through various posture, your muscles get toned and stronger by using your own entire body’s weight as ‘weights’. Classes like Yoga Core and Ashtanga Led challenge you both mentally and physically!

Once you get on the mat, you’ll be hooked.

And we’ve come to the last and most precious reason why Yoga is a MUST in your 2018 Resolution!

8. Positive addictions exist – and Yoga is one of them!

Once you experience a class that you can genuinely connect with, you are not just hooked for the year- but for Life!

And you can ensure that Yoga will give you one BIG BOLD tick on your New Year’s Resolution checklist 12 months from now!

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