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Our Yoga and Wellness Classes are designed to boost energy levels, improve physical capabilities and strengthen immunity.

When you take classes at Music Love Yoga you will gain better mental clarity and sustainable self-motivation.

Active Yogi 3-Class Intro Pass $50SGD

Learn if we are a right fit for your yoga and wellness journey; access all our yoga & fitness classes.

As an active yogi you are striving for an all rounded health routine; and also do not have any underlying pre-medical conditions.

Prenatal Yogi 3-Class Intro Pass $75SGD

Get Strong and prepare your body & mind for childbirth and motherhood as you relieve stress and pain during your pregnancy journey.

Drop-In Class $35SGD

Fit any class into your schedule. Drop By For A Quick Yoga, Strength-Conditioning or Restorative Session.

Build Your All-Rounded Personalised Health & Wellness Plan With Music Love Yoga

Are you taking charge of your mental and physical health?

Looking after our personal well-being is of ut-most importance in the society we live in today.

While this sounds like a cliche to many, we believe that it is the neccessary attitude for the future of humanity.

It is not easy to change the world, but we can work towards changing the world within us.

Yoga practices and techniques are one such great tool we can adopt in our lifestyles.

 We have many effective resources made available to us, to achieve this goal.

The practice of yoga is one such great tool we can adopt in our lives.

Having Trouble Finding the Right Yoga Class for you?

You’re Not Alone. And We’re Here to Help!

Picking the right classes for a beginner or even an experienced yogi in a brand new studio can be a daunting process; let us help you choose the best class you can start with according to your needs.
Simply drop us a message via the link below!

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Finding Motivation To Start Yoga Can Be Hard; But we can help you!

Schedule a Free 15min Call / or connect through WhatsApp Chat Enquiry with us to let us know your health, fitness and personal goals and we will advise on how we can support and help you achieve them

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Meet Renuka Silvaraju

Co-Founder / Principal Yoga Instructor

Becoming a Yoga Teacher is the very first step I have taken towards my life-long goal of inspiring others and transforming lives. 

It gives me the reason to wake up every single morning with passion and purpose. 

I do not see teaching or running a studio as a job. It has become a part of my life, something that define who I am.

I thoroughly enjoy sharing my knowledge, helping others build a sustainable yoga practice, and building life-long bonds with like-minded people!

My Approach

I believe that every individual has their own unique practice. There isn’t just one path or goal in yoga. It is a self-journey that is constantly evolving. At every step of the way, you will have a goal that is very personal to you. No one needs to believe in it – just you!

My Process

My concept of teaching is to well equip a student with the knowledge and confidence to acheive their fitness and wellness goals. I believe in giving them everything they need to build a sustainable, effective and life-long yoga practice.

Unique Framework

In our teaching methodology, we give importance to the physcial aspects of the yoga pose and beyond. Learning a yoga pose is not just about replicating what you see. In every practice, we emphasize on the purpose of each movement and concept. We breakdown the poses in a yogic and scientific way so that you have a thorough understanding of what you are being asked to do. Importance is given even to the smallest details. We teach yoga in a way that teaches you to teach!

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Our Classes are centred around 3 Core Categories we believe are essential for personal-development and self-evolution.

Building your practice around the different classes we’ve curated for you in our in-studio schedule will compliment and put you ahead in other achieving goals in other areas of your life and help you achieve a more sustainable motivation towards long term health benefits.

You will be guided towards the classes, practices and techniques you need as you evolve in your personal wellness journey.

restorative yoga


Yin Yoga, Vinyasa Stretch & More.

Mental Well-Being

Meditation and Mindfulness Classes.

yoga for strength and conditioning

Strength & Conditioning

Ashtanga Led, HIIT Yoga, Body-Up, TRX & More.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some Questions You May Ask…

Unlike many fitness studios; Why do you charge more for packages with more classes and validities but less for packages with less classes and validity.

It all comes down to our philosophy of the business. We’d like our students achieve a sustainable yoga practice; right from the start of how we reward you.

Many studios sell larger packages at lower rates and people cant complete their classses within the validities (and feel disappointed with the loss money & time) and sadly we’ve been there too; due to our far fetched goals and impulsive purchases.

Gradually achieving your wellness goals in tiny steps will feel more rewarding in the long run and you can actually become more active in your practice for the long run.

is yoga suitable for complete beginners; especially if I am not flexible?

Yes yoga is suitable for all levels of practitioners, including beginners. Yoga helps with building flexibility and mobility, so yoga is very beneficial for you, if you find yourself ‘not flexible’!

Be sure to start off with a class that’s suitable for you, so that you can gradually progress.

If you’re a complete beginner, we recommend you to join in our Yin or Vinyasa Stretch class first!

Is yoga safe during pregnancy; and when can I start?

We advise you to consult your gynaecologist to ensure that you are safe to start off with any from of exercise, physical activity or yoga during pregnancy.

Yoga is very safe during pregnancy. It’s recommended for you to start your prenatal yoga practice from the 13th week onward.

 If you have any health or medical conditions, always remember to inform your instructor and be aware not to over exert.

You know yourself best, listen to you body and trust your instincts! 

Its very normal to feel out of breath or tired faster when exercising during pregnancy. Remember to take deep controlled breaths.

You can be done until the final stages of your pregnancy. Unless you’re advised by your doctor to take it very easy!

Do I already need to know yoga to do a yoga class?

Our ‘beginner-friendly’ yoga classes are very suitable for completely beginners who have never stepped on a yoga mat before!

These classes are very guided and the fundamentals and basic techniques of yoga will be covered.

There’s a first time for everything!


Can I Eat Before a class?

If you’re doing a morning practice, we recommend you to be on an empty stomach. Or have a very light break (fruits or smoothie).

For classes after 12pm, we advise you to have your meals at least 3 hours before the start of class. Avoiding oily or spicy food it possible!

You know your body best, experiment safely and create your routine!

How often do I need to do yoga ? And how do I choose what classes suit me?

Your yoga practice will be most effective when you do it 3-5 times a week.

Even if you’re not able to do classes at a studio regularly, try to create a very simple 15 mins routine that you can do at home!

Be very aware of your intention and goals. Once you have an idea, you will know what you’ll like to achieve from the yoga classes.

You can then choose strength-based, mobility-based or mindfulness practices.

Every once in awhile, check in with your goals again. We are always evolving!

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If you’d like to visit us or walk-in directly before purchasing you package, feel free to book a visiting appointment; this helps us keep our studio safe.

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